about us:

In the business development of CAC, why do we get a lot of customers' trust and support?

Because We Always Operate In Good Faith To Provide Customers With Real, High Quality Vehicles.

Professional Seller

Here Are 4 Following Points We Did:
  • Focus on vehicle trading for 15 years ,We have a better understanding of the actual situation and vehicle demand in each country, and we have the authorization of 20 vehicle brands.

    15 Year
  • Since 2006, CAC has exported 50,000 vehicles to more than 50 countries

    50 Countries
  • Since 2019, CAC has exported 2000 vehicles to more than 30 countries.

    30 Countries

CADA Cetification

Every used car exported by CAC has a CADA certification issued by China Automobile Distribution Association. We have translated the Chinese certification into English, and customers can get it to any institution to check whether the certification is authentic.Customers can clearly know the car’s past, maintenance records, repair records and so on.

Simply Return

  • If your car with major quality problems, you can return it unconditionally in warranty period , and CAC will compensate you for 10%-50% of the car’s price .

  • Even though there is no quality problem, you also can return the car within 14 days without any reason, but we will charge a penalty of 0.5% per day.

  • If you want to swap other vehicles in CAC. Within 14 days, we can retrieve the vehicle at full price. For more than 14 days, a depreciation charge of 0.1% per day, up to 10%.This service will not be available after 120 days.The replacement vehicle must be free of any damage.

CADA Cetification

Communicate with customer service about your requirements ,and formulate a financial plan for car purchase. Then you can drive away your dream car.