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SUNWARD SWE215E-3H Hydraulic Excavator


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SUNWARD SWE215E-3H Hydraulic Excavator

  • ◆ High comprehensive cost performance: Engines of international famous brands and hydraulic systems of domestic famous brands are adopted.
    ◆ Torque improvement: The torque is higher than that of the competitor's high-power engine, which provides strong power for excavation, rapid response and sufficient power reserve.
    ◆ Reliable and durable structural parts: Large excavator is designed with standard heavy-duty boom, bucket and slewing platform, with better reliability
    ◆ Reinforced underframe: Reinforced and enlarged large box walking frame, with large torque resistance and high stability; The integral ring forged seat ring and heavy four-wheel belt system have better bearing capacity.

    Model: SWE215E-3H
    Working load:21800kg
    Bucket capacity: 1.0m^3
    Brand: Cummins
    Model: QSB7
    Rated output: 124/2050kw/rpm
    Movable arm length: 5700mm
    Bucket arm length: 2920mm
    Bucket arm excavation power: 110kN
    Bucket excavation power: 155kN
    Moving speed(hight/low): 5.2km/h / 3.3km/h
    Turing speed: 11.8rpm
    Fuel tank capacity: 370L
    Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 250L

    A: Transportation length 9570mm
    B: Transportation height 2970mm
    C: Total width 2990mm
    D: Counterweight height above ground 1060mm
    E: Minimum height above ground 478mm
    F: Tail radius of turn 2750mm
    G: Track grounding length 3465mm
    H: Track length 4260mm
    I: Caterpillar track 2390mm
    J: Track width 2990mm
    K: Width of track board 600mm
    L: Bridge height 2960mm
    M: Width of the turntable plate 2250mm

    A: Maximum excavation height 9750mm
    B: Maximum unloading height 6980mm
    C: Maximum excavation depth 6750mm
    D: Maximum vertical digging depth 6560mm
    E: Maximum excavation radius 5900mm
    F: Maximum excavation radius of the ground 9940mm
    G: Maximum excavation distance on the ground 9775mm
    H: Minimum radius of turn 3560mm