Product introduction:

IDRIVERPLUS Self-Driving Sweeper VIGGO


Inspection Report

IDRIVERPLUS Self-Driving Sweeper VIGGO

    · Multi-sensor fused information provides redundant assurance for safety.
    · Comprehensive safety strategies enable the product to operate safely in various scenarios.
    · A complete software security architecture guarantees the unattended safe operation from the vehicle to the cloud.
    · More than 500 kilometers of rough road durability tests ensure the reliability of software and hardware.

    · The Sweeper supports tailored work plan according to customers requirement.
    · The Sweeper provides customized intelligent voice prompt, to show vehicles following movements during the sweeping process.
    · Whole process of data monitoring and cloud-end management enable the visual display of real-time status and historical information.
    · Breakpoint resume, low-battery automatic recall, automatic watering and other smart features, make sweeping operation much easier.

    · Mature zero-distance roadside sweeping solution to solve customer's pain points.
    · Smart sweeping technology coordinates the main and side brushes to effectively clean the ground in one go, at the meantime to void secondary dust pollution.
    · Due to the rotating brushes with unique sweeping angle, it takes only one machine toClean up all trashes.