Product introduction:

2in1 controller (OBC+DCDC)


Inspection Report

Basic Specification:

  • OBC
    Input voltage range:AC90V~264V
    Power factor:≥0.99
    Efficiency at full loading:≥93%
    Mechanical impact and vibration grade:QC/T 895-2011
    IP grade:IP67
    Operation temperature:- 40℃~85℃
    Storage temperature: - 40℃~105℃
    Charging control:CAN
    Protection:Output over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, polarity reverse, input low-voltage, input over-voltage, over-temperature

    Nominal power:1.5KW
    Peak power:1.8KW continuous with 6mins
    Input voltage and current:14V±1%,110A
    Efficiency at full loading:≥92%
    Voltage regulatory:1%
    Voltage stabilized accuracy:≤1%
    Current stabilized accuracy:≤2%
    Operation temperature:- 40℃~60℃
    Storage temperature: - 40℃~105℃
    Control way:CAN or Enable
    Protection:Output over-voltage, output low-voltage, short-circuit, input polarity reverse, over-temperature, communication error
    Size: 370(length) x 230(width) x 110(height)
    Cooling way:Enforce air cooling,liquid cooling